Ballads on Dawn Street

Hiçamahiç – Kaybolacağız

Hiçamahiç are a new band from İstanbul, Turkey and consist of Nazan, Öykğ, Emre, Görkem and Mutlu. Kaybolacağız is a slow burning shoegaze track with ethereal vocals that are as haunting as the song itself. The guitar bursts add a crunch to the darkness like a firework exploding and lighting up a night sky. Impressive.

Sodajerk – Dawn Street Ballad

Filipino indiepop band Sodajerk, who featured Ryan Marquez amongst their number, were formed in 1995 and were part of the 1990’s “Manila indie explosion”. According to Marquez the newly released Dawn Street Ballad was “one of the last songs we wrote prior to going our separate ways. Originally titled Stolen Badges but can also be called Song For Duglas T. Stewart.” The song does have a Bellshill feel about it!

En Mi Mente – Tarde Como Eterno

A sparkling dreampop/indiepop tune from Chihuahua, Mexico. Taken from an as of yet untitled and uncompleted EP that hopefully will be with us soon.


Rayventuras – Things

Rayventuras is a Berlin based band formed in 2019 by Gerard Handrick from Ireland and Kika from Portugal. They released their debut album Sandpaper Honey in 2020 and are working on the follow up. Handrick has previously provided the vocals on the band’s previous efforts I have heard but this song shines thanks to the female vocals that flits between the melodies. Certainly their best effort to date – well to these ears at least!


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