One of Those Catch Up Posts

It’s been a busy few days at work and I have been dipping in and out of a number of releases. So the first post of the weekend is a rip through whats been happening and what delights for your ears may be on offer.

Regular visitors to this blog may note that I am not much of an album fan – 45’s have always been my first love. But that is not going to stop me mentioning that Helen Love has a new album out. Mind you all her/their albums sound like singles collections anyway! Titled Power On it has just been released via Jigsaw Records on CD and digital formats whilst Alcopop! Records have done the honours with a Cherry Cola vinyl version. The band’s ninth album is full of those punk-pop tracks we have come to love over the years.

Sticking with albums Brighton based Dreams of Empire‘s second album Encapsulation was released earlier this month. If hazy dreampop is your fix then this album should be on your list. Space Invader and Better Without You stood out for me on the first listen. You can get this one on CD from here.

Cambridge’s Model Village have been around for well over a decade and I noticed they have a new album due for release in February next year. Titled World of Carp (a mis-spelling surely?) it features 10 tracks with the opener Insufferable being available for streaming. It’s a lovely example of their well-crafted folk-tinged indiepop. The album can be pre-ordered from their label Towed By The Ghost.

I mentioned the lead single from Bootchy Temple‘s third album In Consummated Bloom earlier this month. The album has now been released via Howlin’ Banana Records on a range of formats. Since I’ve Seen Your Smile is the stand out track for me at present and you can order the album from here.

Manuel Joseph Walker aka Foliage has a self-titled album out on Z Tapes. It’s his 5th album and is available on vinyl, cassette and digital formats. Walker has expanded his sound on this one with the trademark jangle-pop being joined by electronica. Richard D and Tomorrow are currently grabbing my attention. Order from here.

That’s enough on the album front. What about some singles and EP’s?

Bergen’s Misty Coast have just released their latest track Do You Still Remember Me?. It’s a dreampop track tinged with psychedelia and features some lovely noises and effects not to mention lovely female vocals. It’s out now on the hard to pronounce after a beer or two FysiskFormat.

English Summer have released their second single from their forthcoming album The Wedding. There are nice jangles on Flowers for You that accompany vocals that carry a burden or two. You can get this one from here.

Hull’s bdrmm have raided their Bedroom album one last time (I hope) with new single Push/Pull. If you are a fan of the band them you know how it sounds. If not you will find out that it’s an epic mix of post-punk and shoegaze. This one is available digitally from Sonic Catherdal. Better still buy the album instead.

Birmingham’s The Pale Kings inspirations are rooted firmly in the 1980s on the three tracks their debut release Poison Darling. It’s hard not to mention The Smiths (especially where the vocals are concerned) but I can hear The June Brides, The Housemartins and One Thousand Violins to mention but a few. It’s not original but it’s bloody entertaining and that’s all that matters. This one is available digitally from the band.

Finally, and staying in Brum, Dallas Tears have a new collection of recordings out and a fine collection it is too. Titled Static Over Silence these songs were recorded on a cassette four-track and an old phone and they write that “tape hiss and the crackle of archaic instruments preserved for all to hear.”. The songs blend from experimental and ambient to echoes of theme tunes to 1970s children’s TV programmes. The mix of vintage post-punk and minimal coldwave found on In Thrall and Close To The Surface stand out for me – I love the Jon Marsh vocal style on the latter. Snap, crackle and pop! Static Over Silence is available from here.

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