Phantom Handshakes – Cricket Songs

As mentioned previously Phantom Handshakes release their debut album next month. Titled No More Summer Songs it will be released via Z Tapes. The band have released a new video for one of the tracks on the album called Cricket Songs. Like it’s predecessor No Better Plan it’s a dreamy indiepop affair with hazily sung words whilst the instruments towards the end of the song are some of the lovliest sounds I have heard this year. No More Summer Songs can be pre-ordered from Z-Tapes in cassette and digital formats. Facebook Continue reading Phantom Handshakes – Cricket Songs

Wake In June – Crush These Bars & More

It’s been a busy few days on Bandcamp for Wake In June who are currently in lockdown in their native Padua. First up is the new single Crush These Bars which jangles around the confused words. You can get this one from here. Next up is their contribution to the Z Tapes compilation Hope For European Bedrooms which is a fundraiser for, as the name suggests European based bedroom pop artists. The track is called Same Fear and I like the programming and the shimmering sounds on this one especially as the song reaches it’s conclusion. Hope For European Bedrooms … Continue reading Wake In June – Crush These Bars & More

Foliage/Andrew Younker – Split

Now this is what I call a release and for which I have waited for in anticipation. Two of my favourite DIY artists come together on a split release and contribute three tracks each. This not only includes two new tracks but a cover of one of the others tracks from their latest release and both tracks chosen happen to be my favourite one from both. Result! Foliage, who is Manuel Joseph Walker, continues where April’s III left off.  Walker’s music here is reminiscent of New Order’s guitar laden tracks from the Technique album, none more so than on Be … Continue reading Foliage/Andrew Younker – Split

Something For The Weekend – Three from Forthcoming Releases

This week’s pack of three features three tracks taken from albums that are due for release in the next month or two. Remember Sports – Up From Below Remember Sports deliver indiepop with a punky attitude. Up From Below is a fast paced track that is guaranteed to get you bopping. It’s taken from the album Slow Buzz that is due for release in May 2018 and is available to pre-order in various bundles from here. Facebook ❀ Foliage ❀ – Value I have been a fan of Foliage’s bedroom/DIY pop for some time now and based on this track … Continue reading Something For The Weekend – Three from Forthcoming Releases

Ending 2017 #5

No Vacation – Intermission Dreamy, laid-back music from Californian’s No Vacation. It’s easy to drift off and daydream to these tracks especially on opener Yam Yam which sets the tone for the EP. If indiepop clubs had chill out rooms this could well be the soundtrack. Available on vinyl, cassette and digital formats from here. Facebook Poppel – Hit It Staying with the dreamy vibe Hit It is the debut album from Belgian jangle poppers Poppel. These songs are short, sweet and very jangly with only one passing the 3 minute mark – by a second! Pleasure is my pick … Continue reading Ending 2017 #5