Records I Like Mix August 2019

Another collection of tunes culled from the last month or so. A second volume for this month is planned to follow shortly so you had better start listening pronto!

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Full Tracklisting:

Flying Fish Cove – No Ending
The lead track from the recent En Garde EP.

Soumbalgwang – Shine
It’s catchy, danceable and enjoyable. Give it, and your dance-floor partner, a spin!

Reflector (Madrid) – Huir del espejo y el ruido
The songs are tuneful and the voice is the catchiest deadpan vocal I have heard for a long time. As the songs are sung in their native Spanish I am not sure I fully get the gist but I bet the words are full of anguish and heartbreak.

Shoe Shine Six – Cold Sun (feat. Tip Top Nap)
It’s a shining example of dreampop with strong, dominant female vocals accompanying the vibrating guitar as the song swirls in unabashed abandon. Impressive.

Les Milous – Annie Hall
I have Ben to thank for this one.

Ride – Clouds of Saint Marie
I cannot say I have been impressed with Rides’ comeback but this is a damn fine track!

The Hannah Barberas – The Sound of Happiness
If the current state of British indiepop leaves you despairing then just pick pick pick pick up the phone and get dialling!

Palm Haze – Floating
The new single which does not appear on the forthcoming Rêve Bleu album.

Soft Blue Shimmer – Dream Beam Supreme
The blissful Dream Beam Supreme is my pick of the bunch but here is plenty more here/hear to excite!

The Royal Landscaping Society – Clean
Clean is a sparkling synthpop/indiepop hybrid…..

Mirrorlakes – Three Songs
Describing their music as slowcore or sadcore the two tracks here are slow building, sauntering tracks that meander on the side of melancholy.

Possible Humans – Nomenclature Airspace
Taken from the recent Everybody Split album.

TARA – Wander
Parts of the Wander remind me of any number of tracks which were all the rage in the indie dance clubs circa 1988-1991

Sugar Violets – Amor al Revés
Hazy guitars with vocals that sound like they emerge and then fade back into the wilderness makes this a blissful, dreamy tune.

The King In Mirrors – Stop and Look
Now joined by Rich Millin on drums Rich May delivers another fine slab of crafted guitar pop.

Wake In June – The Other Day (Foliage Cover)
Cover of the Foliage track with some help from The Simpsons.

Red Sleeping Beauty – Emma’s House
The band’s cover of The Field Mice classic taken from the recent Tonight EP.

The Wedding Present – Panama
Flip side Panama is a full on guitar indiepop song reminiscent of the bands heyday (has it ever gone away?)

Star Horse – Secrets
Taken from the recently expanded deluxe version of their You Said Forever album.

The Color Waves – Paper Tiger
Hazy, soothing and ethereal are just a few of the words previously used to describe The Color Waves music.

We Melt Chocolate – Wishful
A track taken from the Italian shoegazers self titled album which is out now.

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