Reflector (Madrid) – Canciones Para Un Ferragosto

One man band Reflector have been making music since 2002 (take a glance at that back catalogue) and I stumbled on them (him?) by chance during a bandcamp search. Being a fan of Blade Runner the title of the song El día que murió Rutger Hauer stood out for me. Like the others on this EP the song, The Day Rutger Hauer Died when translated, is catchy lo-fi guitar driven indiepop that musically pays homage to days gone by.

The songs are tuneful and the voice is the catchiest deadpan vocal I have heard for a long time. As the songs are sung in their native Spanish I am not sure I fully get the gist but I bet the words are full of anguish and heartbreak. A lovely little EP. Only 43 previous releases to plough through now mind!

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