Auto-Vélo – Copernica EP

Auto-Vélo is the new project from Graeme Elston who has previously been in bands such as Love Parade, Astronaut, Eva Luna as well recording under his own name and being a renowned sound engineer. The Copernica EP is the debut release under the new monikor and features four indie/synth pop songs which showcases Elston’s versatility.

The title track opens proceedings and features jerky guitars with backing beats provided by the synth alongside side excellent main and backing vocals. It grabs the listener almost immediately and is a damn fine pop song!

Auto-Vélo MTRK could easily be explained as a long lost Kraftwerk song and sounds reminiscent of the music currently being released on Happy Robot Records right now. Into The Fire is catchy synthpop that may have the dance floor in mind whilst Boy: Freeze Frame could lazily be compared to one of those slower 1980s synthpop anthems (think OMD, Blancmange etc.) and to be fair would not sound out of place on one of the many compilations that showcases that era. The Copernica EP is an incredibly enjoyable listen and is out now. Recommended.

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