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The Blue Herons – The Way You Look at Me (Feat. Krissy Vanderwoude)

The Blue Herons is a project of Andy Jossi of The Churchhill Garden which errs on the side of indie/janglepop unlike the former which leans towards dreampop/shoegaze. The Way You Look at Me features longtme collaborator Krissy Vanderwoude who writes and sings the words with Jossi arranging the music. This time they are joined by Marty Willson-Piper of The Church who provides some additional guitars. So with such a build up surely the song is gonna fall flat. Nah! Not a bit of it!

Opening like Goodbye from The Sundays it’s a joyous song about falling in love for the first time (or second or third!). The Sunday’s inspired guitars continue throughout and Willson-Piper (I presume given his work with The Church and All About Eve) supplies some psych inspired riff’s too. Being naturally miserable such happy songs like this generally make me want to gag but even this despondent old sod has a smile spread across his face!

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