The Blue Herons – In The Skies

The Blue Herons is a project of Andy Jossi of The Churchhill Gardens who, like the aforementioned band, utilises different lyricists and vocalists to accompany his musical compositions and instrumentation. Previous contributors to project have included Krissy Vanderwoude and Thierry Haliniak but on In The Skies, which is the first release under The Blue Herons moniker for almost sixteen months, he is joined by Gretchen DeVault of The Francine Odysseys and Hero No Hero.

I must admit the pace of the song surprised me. I settled down for some luscious slow-building dream-pop in the same vein as last year’s excellent The Way You Look At Me but was pleasantly surprised by the fast-paced indiepop that greeted my ears. In The Skies is an addictive listen as the guitars jangle and the words about dying relationship (or should that be stars?) get the imagination going. Is it me or is there something Kirsty MacColl like about DeVault’s voice?

New songs from the duo are in the works so there is unlikely to be a long wait until we hear from them again. But for now, go and grab this one which is available on a pay what you want basis.


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