Hero No Hero – Hero No Hero

Hero No Hero hail from Southern California and consist of The Francine Odysseys founder/writer Gretchen DeVault on vocals whilst Ken Aki, who has played live with Starry Eyed Cadet, provides the words and instruments. They write that their music “evokes sentiments of The Sundays, Stereolab, The Cure” and “more recent groups like Hatchie, The Pantones, & Wild Honey”. This self-titled EP is their debut release.

I can see (hear?) where they are coming from on Unseemly Dreaming which does owe a certain nod to the first band on the above list. The music is pleasant but subject to bouts of melancholy whilst DeVault’s voice is ethereal and wistful. Afterglow reminds me a bit of what Fawns Of Love are currently doing so that gets a thumbs up from me whilst Say No More starts off in a traditional indiepop vein but loses its way on the first few listens being a bit too sugary sweet for my tastes.

It’s a pick and mix selection to these ears but yours may suggest otherwise. Unseemly Dreaming is a damn fine track mind and you should seek that one out for sure. The Hero No Hero EP is available digitally from the band.

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