Records I Like Mix October 2020

Another busy month in the land of Bandcamp. The latest mix sees epic shoegaze, alt-rock, dreampop and indiepop collide to great effect if I do say so myself. Please use the search function to find out more and if you can support the artists in this mix. Especially on Bandcamp Friday. Feedback of the non-musical kind always welcome and as ever, please enjoy.

Full Tracklisting:

Dummy – Pool Dizzy
Flowerbed – Everything
Star Party – Something To Do
Nevver – Nada Me Importa
Torrey – Screens
European Sun – Favourite Day
The Reds, Pinks & Purples – Don’t Come Home Too Soon
Whimsical – Take All of Me
Theatre Royal – Together We’re Alone
Hamburger – Cut it Out
Stomp Talk Modstone – Only Illusion
Still Corners – The Last Exit
Flowers – Erik
Egosim – Here’s The Thing
Swansea Sound – Angry Girl
Fort Not – I Guess
Misty Coast – In a Million Years
Nuevos Hobbies – No Puedo Esperar
The Age of Colored Lizards – Come Back Down
Agent Bla – Lay in my Arms
Latitude – Damage Control
Morning Arcade – Cold Shoulders
Dreams of Empire – Hidden Girl
Neutrals – Personal Computing
Family Mart – Starlite
The Sensitive – Do Everything Or Do Yourself
Prepare My Glider – She Flows On

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