I Know Well That the June Rains Just Fall

Uejima Onitsura hit the nail in the head when he wrote that a few centuries ago as it’s been teeming down in London Town today. Well at least that gives me a chance to present a mini round-up of sorts.

Sungaze – Washed Away

And I almost was, both by the weather and this track which just literally washes all over you. It’s a lovely song that fuses 70s rock, shoegaze and dreamy psychedelia to great effect!


❀ Foliage ❀ – In Reference To

Jangling bedroom pop at it’s finest. I am still waiting to be disappointed by ❀ Foliage ❀ and based on this track I will have a long wait. Just like the words it’s perfect therapy…..


Pin Ups – Mexican Tale

The second single taken from the forthcoming album which sees the veteran Brazilians rocking out and take a dig at Trumps wall. Not as accessible as last month’s effort but enjoyable nonetheless.


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