Guitar Days – An Unlikely Story of Brazilian Music

There are some interesting compilations turning up on Bandcamp of late. Guitar Days – An Unlikely Story of Brazilian Music is the soundtrack to the documentary of the same name which tells the story, coinciding with Brazil’s transition to democracy, that a new wave of bands emerged who looked to the US, UK and Australia for inspiration and who chose to sing in English rather than Portuguese. Aside from The Pin Ups and The Cigarettes these bands are new to me. I enjoyed the racket made by Garage Fuzz and New Ground by Valv. Musically most of it’s not my … Continue reading Guitar Days – An Unlikely Story of Brazilian Music

Pin Ups – Spinning

Brazilian band Pin Ups first surfaced back in 1990 releasing five albums before seemingly splitting up, after a number of line up changes, in 1998. A covers EP emerged the year before last alongside some comeback shows and now the band, with I think most of the last line up, are preparing to release their sixth album on London based Brazilian label Midsummer Madness and Fleeting Media. Spinning is the first single to be lifted from the album. It’s like stepping back twenty years to their fifth album Lee Marvin and you cannot imagine the band ever being away! It’s … Continue reading Pin Ups – Spinning

Lorigun – Wild Dive

I nearly missed this gem by Brazilian indie rockers Lorigun as it is the flip side of their current digital single, Fight To Forget, which I was none to impressed with. I must of got distracted because rather than press stop it eventually moved onto this cracker of a track which reminds me of everything from A Flock Of Seagulls to The Wake whether musically or vocally. I am still not convinced by that first track but I will be digging out their first EP at some point. A new EP will be released soon on London based label Midsummer … Continue reading Lorigun – Wild Dive