Something For The Weekend? Three Experimental Electronica Releases

I don’t listen to the radio much these days but one programme I do try and listen too is the Freak Zone Playlist on BBC Radio 6 Music. It features guests, mainly musicians, who play some of their favourite experimental pieces of music. I have been listening to a number of electronic/ambient composers mixes via this show recently and this weeks pack of three features music by those guest DJs. Three distinct, mesmerising listens.

Hinako Omori – A Journey

Born in Yokohama, Japan but Omori has been a resident of London since she was just three years old. I am not going to attempt to describe the album but part of the press release states that A Journey is about “bringing together therapeutic frequencies, forest bathing, and binaural sound, Hinako Omori’s “a journey…” combines inner healing and natural landscapes into in an immersive cartography of the mind in ambient electronics.”

Omori’s Freak Zone mix can be found here (UK only) – at time of writing the show is available for 14 Days.

A Journey is out now via Houndstooth.


Nyokabi Kariuki – Peace Places: Kenyan Memories

The PR writes that “Nyokabi Kariũki (b. 1998) is a Kenyan composer and performer based between Maryland, New York, and Nairobi. Her sonic imagination is ever-evolving, with compositions ranging from classical contemporary & experimental music, to film, choral, pop, and explorations into sound art, electronics, and (East) African musical traditions. Her new EP peace places: kenyan memories, takes you on a journey through memories formed throughout her upbringing in Kenya, transporting us to places around the country using field recordings, keyboards, kalimbas, experimental electronics, and languages including English, Kiswahili, Kikuyu, and Maa.”

Our Culture has an a recent in-depth interview with Kariuki here.

Kariuki’s Freak Zone mix can be found here (UK only) – at time of writing the show is available for 21 days.

Peace Places: Kenyan Memories is out now via SA Recordings. UK peeps may wish to note it’s cheaper (via digital formats) at 7 digital.

Christos Chondropoulos – Relics

Christos Chondropoulos is an Athens-based percussionist and producer. His last work was last Novembers Relics album. The label wrote that the release is “continuing Christos’ singular fascination with, and reappraisal of, Ancient Greek modes, ’Relics’ further excavates the deeptime topography of Greek music prior to the ban of oriental or 1/4 tone microtonal modes nearly 100 years ago” and that the album should appeal to fans of the likes of Black Sabbath or Aphex Twin!

Chondropoulos’ Freak Zone mix can be found here (UK only) – at time of writing the show is available for 7 days.

I cannot embed the release (it’s not on Bandcamp) but it can be purchased/streamed via Boomkat.


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