The Proctors – Letters To The Girl

Letters to The Girl is the Proctors first single since 2016’s Cellophane – if you discount January’s digital offering Icelandic that is. And what a belter we have on our hands, well ears! Jangling guitars, catchy boy/girl vocals and a melody to die for. No wonder their label thinks it will become a “future guitar pop classic”. It’s hard to disagree with that sentiment.

Flipside Footsteps has a lot to do in order to follow the “A” side up and you know, it nearly pulls it off. Layers of guitars and synths combine with Gavin Priest’s words and voice producing one of those haunting, heartfelt moments that the band has produced regularly over the years. A seven inch of joy!

Letters To The Girl will be released 7″ vinyl via Shelflie Records on July 26th 2019. Alternatively those in the UK can pick up via the band.


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