Anajunno – Fuegoinvierno

It’s turning into an Argentinian themed weekend!

Anajunno hail from Santa Fe, Argentina and Fuegoinvierno, which translates as Winterfire, is the follow-up to 2017s self titled debut. Anajunno’s music is primarily dreampop, but they also delve into other spheres.

For example Julia Knows flirts with psychedelic pop whilst the instrumental Generador de pruebas is an excellent drone inspired track which reminds me of Eat Lights Become Lights. Another instrumental track Video 2000 is relaxing in a space rock sort of way. It’s the dreampop I prefer and the “poppier” the better. Both Burn The House and Salud temporal are cases in point.

Anajunno are a band who don’t seek confinement and happily experiment outside of their boundaries and I guess we should applaud them for that. However, Fuegoinvierno does at times seem like a compilation because of this.

You can get Fuegoinvierno from here on a pay what you want basis.

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