IWDG – In A Lonely Place

Rotters Golf Club recently marked a year since the passing of Andrew Weatherall by releasing a digital version of a single by his brother Iain and collaborator Duncan Gray, known as The Slough Boys, as a tribute.

It’s a cover of New Order’s (Joy Divisions?) In A Lonely Place and the label write that they” used the track as a jumping-off point bringing Factory, New Order, their own musical perspective and most of all Andrew together in a unique tribute to shared times and fond memories.”

The track features remixes from David Holmes, Keith Tenniswood and Hardway Bros. Whilst the original reminds me of Weatherall’s mix of Regret the David Holmes remix is the one closest to the original. New Order’s not IWDG! Holmes even sings. “How I wish you were here with me now” is as poignant here as it ever was on the original. The words from Andrew Weatherall himself at the end about being a Factory Records fan and his love of the label are just as touching.

The Hardway Bros Axis Dub is aimed at the dancefloor whilst the almost 14-minute long remix from Tenniswood feels sounds like a mini mix featuring a range of sounds associated with the late man himself. A physical version of the single will be available in June. For now you can pick the single up digitally from here

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