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Site News

I have been experimenting with a new look for the site and have started using The Morning After Theme. Is the best one I have found and configured to match a premium theme I have had my eye on for a while now. It’s an oldie but a goody. I reckon I may have saved … Continue reading

Alpine Subs – Sweethaven

It’s over a year since their self-titled debut album and now, Sweethaven, the sophomore album by Chicago’s jangle popsters Alpine Subs has just been released by South African based label Subjangle. The band’s influences are firmly rooted in the past. Their sound harks back to the pop-rock heyday of the 1960s and 1970s which is … Continue reading

Hinds – Spanish Bombs

Madrid based Hinds have released their version of Spanish Bombs originally performed by The Clash. The song, which was written by Joe Strummer in 1979, deals with the subject of The Spanish Civil War including the death of Federico García Lorca as well as its aftermath which included the ETA bombing campaigns of the 1970s.

Death of Heather – In The Box Session

Bangkok based shoegazers Death of Heather have a new EP out which features the session they recorded in May 2020 for Speakerbox. The band are comprised of Tay (vocals/guitar), Nine (guitar), Thong (bass) and Non (drums).

Three’s Company……..

Oakland’s The Leave Me Alones impressed me with their Race To The Bottom EP. They will be following it up with a new EP titled Be Alone and have released Choices as a taster. Again the band’s mix of indiepop, twee and punk finds favour with me and wow, can they make a catchy tune … Continue reading

Letters To Annika – Summercrush

The new single from Tokyo’s Letters To Annika is a dazzling, joyous indie/alternative pop track. The feel-good effect is tempered though by cautionary words as the song reaches its course. The guitars on this one sparkle like the artwork and the retro effects on the video work well too. I only ever had one summer … Continue reading

Various Artists – Text Me When You Get Here

Fallen Love Records is an indiepop/twee record label based in Toronto, Canada. Their new 18 track compilation Text Me When You Get Here was released earlier this month and it is a collection of home recordings by artists under COVID-19 Lockdown. There are not many names I recognise here. Well, it’s just the one in … Continue reading

Weedipus – Broken Boy

Barnsley based Weedipus will be releasing their debut EP Demo Tape sometime between August and September. They have recently released the second single to be lifted from the EP in the shape of Broken Boy. It’s an energetic song drawing in influences from garage, fuzzy indiepop, alt-rock and to a lesser extent drone because of … Continue reading

Stomp Talk Modstone – Hurt

The new single from Japanese shoegazers Stomp Talk Modstone could well be one of the best shoegazing songs you are likely to hear this year. Shimmering guitars that occasionally explode sit side by side with barely audible vocals that try to pierce the cloudy haze. A song that will have a devastating, in a good … Continue reading

Something For The Weekend? Three (More) Post-Punk

This weeks pack of three concentrates on three new or recent post-punk releases. The City Gates – Siegfried 1969 Montreal post-punk band The City Gates have released their new single Siegfried 1969. It’s a pulsating and addictive coldwave/gothic rock song. I was a bit confused as to why they were singing in German rather than … Continue reading