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Matinee Recordings Website Relaunch

There are labels and there are labels. Matinee Recordings has been an odds-on favourite for many an indiepop fan.  In fact, Matinee was the subject of the first-ever post on this blog back in 2012! The label has been a bit quiet of late and that’s because they were in the process of launching a … Continue reading

Something For The Weekend – Three (Free?) Sampler Pack

Three label samplers for you today all of which are available for free – well on a pay what you want basis. That should keep you busy over the weekend. Oddbox Records feature a lot on this site simply because they consistently put out quality releases on a regular basis. The originally named 2016 rounds … Continue reading

Holiday Tuneage!

It’s going to be a bit silent around here for the next couple of weeks whilst I am away but that doesn’t mean that there will be nothing left to listen too judging by this round up post which features some music I have meaning to mention separately but time etc. First up is The … Continue reading

Various – Odd Box 2013

Oddbox Records have released a 15 track compilation covering a number of their releases in 2013 including tracks that appeared on sold out Crackle! Fuzz! Pop! singles club and Volume 1. of The 100 Club Series of 7″ singles. The label asks for a donation (suggested amount £2) in return for the download which is … Continue reading

Matinee Recordings 2012 Hit Parade

Matinee have, as always, released some pretty decent stuff this year. My personal highlights have been Strawberry Whiplash, Pale Sundays and The September Girls. The label have compiled a playlist highlighting their releases thus far. Stream it below! Matinee Recordings

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