Something For The Weekend – Three (Free?) Sampler Pack

odd2016Three label samplers for you today all of which are available for free – well on a pay what you want basis. That should keep you busy over the weekend.

Oddbox Records feature a lot on this site simply because they consistently put out quality releases on a regular basis. The originally named 2016 rounds up their output this year and there are choice cuts here from The Wolfhounds, The Manhattan Love Suicides, The Bellamys, City Yelps and plenty more.



I also like a lot of the music that Emotional Response releases but for some reason, I have not listened to much of their output this year. Aside from the Tangible Excitement 7″ they released jointly with Freakscene I have not listened to much else so this sampler will come in handy to catch up on their 2016 output. I am already liking the track from Broadway. If you like your indiepop to have a punk attitude then this label could be the one for you.



I discovered Drunken Sailor via the excellent Raging Nathans/Wonk Unit 7″ that was released on Rad Girlfriend Records a few months back. No Ditching might be the one band you have previously heard of but I have been enjoying the likes of Baby Ghosts and Generacion Suicida. Lashings of garage, punk and pop for you to discover and enjoy!


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