The Wendy Darlings – Always Late

Always Late is taken from the forthcoming album The Wendy Darlings Against Evil that will be released on Oddbox Records in May of this year. It is a short, shouty garage number that has me questioning myself asking have The Wendy Darlings always been this loud? I will reserve judgement for when the album is released but in the meantime crank up that volume and press play. Facebook Continue reading The Wendy Darlings – Always Late

The Darling Buds – New Year

The Darling Buds get on the seasonal records act by releasing their cover of The Sugarbabes 2000 hit New Year. There are two versions here with the Rise and Demise of John Mix being the more palatable to the ear. It’s a free/pay what you want download from Oddbox Records and is only available until January 2nd 2019. And here is the original for comparison’s sake. Facebook Continue reading The Darling Buds – New Year

Ending 2017 #5

No Vacation – Intermission Dreamy, laid-back music from Californian’s No Vacation. It’s easy to drift off and daydream to these tracks especially on opener Yam Yam which sets the tone for the EP. If indiepop clubs had chill out rooms this could well be the soundtrack. Available on vinyl, cassette and digital formats from here. Facebook Poppel – Hit It Staying with the dreamy vibe Hit It is the debut album from Belgian jangle poppers Poppel. These songs are short, sweet and very jangly with only one passing the 3 minute mark – by a second! Pleasure is my pick … Continue reading Ending 2017 #5

Blonde on Blonde

I am old enough to remember the term Blonde Movement, coined by then Melody Maker writer Chris Roberts back in the day, to describe a late 1980’s musical movement which was defined by the hair colour of vocalists of The Primitives, Darling Buds, Transvision Vamp and to a lesser extent Birdland! Amazingly the first two bands from that list are still releasing music a quarter of a century later. The Primitives for a number of years now whilst The Darling Buds have just released their first new material for almost 25 years. The former release a new EP on Elefant … Continue reading Blonde on Blonde

The Darling Buds – Complicated

Complicated is taken from the new EP by The Darling Buds which is also their first recorded output for over twenty five years. Titled Evergreen it features four tracks and is due for release in mid-April on 10″ vinyl or cassette. Complicated is more Crawdaddy or Erotica rather than Pop Said but amongst the riffs there are some pop sensibilities. It will be interesting to hear how the rest of the EP pans out. The limited edition green vinyl has sold out already but it’s still available in black. You can pre-order from here. Homepage Continue reading The Darling Buds – Complicated

Something For The Weekend? Forthcoming Releases

This week’s pack of three focuses on three forthcoming releases to keep an ear out for. Peaness – Seafoam Islands The flip side of the new single due for release at the end of this month on Oddbox Records. I did not hear much from Peaness in 2016 but they are off to a cracking start in 2017. Is it garage? Is it rock? Is it indie? Who cares because it is perfect pop to these ears. The limited 7″ single has now sold out of it’s pre-orders but keep an eye on their Bandcamp page in case any more … Continue reading Something For The Weekend? Forthcoming Releases

Something For The Weekend – Three (Free?) Sampler Pack

Three label samplers for you today all of which are available for free – well on a pay what you want basis. That should keep you busy over the weekend. Oddbox Records feature a lot on this site simply because they consistently put out quality releases on a regular basis. The originally named 2016 rounds up their output this year and there are choice cuts here from The Wolfhounds, The Manhattan Love Suicides, The Bellamys, City Yelps and plenty more. Facebook I also like a lot of the music that Emotional Response releases but for some reason, I have not … Continue reading Something For The Weekend – Three (Free?) Sampler Pack

The Bellamys – EP

This self-titled debut release, discounting the demos of course, from Cardiff’s The Bellamys is an enjoyable romp through the sounds of indie pop’s golden ages. The EP sounds like a mix of two halves depending on whether it’s lead male or female vocals. If it’s the former they sound like a Glass records era Pastels whilst on the latter they cross into bands fronted by Amelia Fletcher country. The first two tracks are exceptional to these ears but the whole EP is a fantastic way to spend another 10 minutes over and over again in seeing 2016 to a close. … Continue reading The Bellamys – EP

Rainbow Reservoir – Kate Moss With A Moustache

Kate Moss With A Moustache is taken from the Coco Sleeps Around EP that will be released by Oddbox Records early next month. It’s a jolly indiepop romp not too far from what The Lovely Eggs are/were doing and sets up the rest of the EP nicely for when I finally get to hear it. It’s out on limited edition 7″ (250 copies) and you can pre-order it from here. You can still pick up the bands debut EP from here on a pay what you want basis. Homepage Continue reading Rainbow Reservoir – Kate Moss With A Moustache

The Wolfhounds – Now I’m A Killer

Now I’m A Killer is taken from The Wolfhound’s new album Untied Kingdom (…or how to come to terms with your culture) that will be released on Oddbox Records in October. It will be their first album comprising of entirely new music for over twenty five years. Now I’m A Killer is a snarling track that demonstrates that class is timeless in the Wolfhound’s case as this could easily be lifted from one of their Pink Label or Midnight Music releases of yesteryear. As for the album’s cover it’s that wonderful photo taken this past new years eve in Manchester. … Continue reading The Wolfhounds – Now I’m A Killer