Ending 2017 #5

No Vacation – Intermission

Dreamy, laid-back music from Californian’s No Vacation. It’s easy to drift off and daydream to these tracks especially on opener Yam Yam which sets the tone for the EP. If indiepop clubs had chill out rooms this could well be the soundtrack.

Available on vinyl, cassette and digital formats from here.


Poppel – Hit It

Staying with the dreamy vibe Hit It is the debut album from Belgian jangle poppers Poppel. These songs are short, sweet and very jangly with only one passing the 3 minute mark – by a second! Pleasure is my pick of the bunch but that’s a close run thing.

It’s out digitally via Gazer Tapes.


My Light Shines For You – My Light Shines For You EP

Chilean indie poppers are dead ringers for Talulah Gosh on their new EP and that’s no bad thing. Vintage sounding, C86 inspired indiepop always goes down with me and this is no exception. Shambling guitars, boy/girl vocals and fantastic drumming/percussion makes this an excellent EP for the indiepop dancefloor.

Available on 7″ via Cloudberry Records. See the band’s bandcamp page for stockists for Europe and Japan.


And now some compilations:

VA – Girl Groups – The Underground Versions

I am not a fan of cover version albums in general but I have to say The Blog That Celebrates Itself has outdone itself with this release covering 1960’s girl bands. Loving the Static Daydream cover of The Cookies’ When I Dream.

Static Dreams 6

Talking of Static Daydream they are on label Saint Marie Records label who have just released their sixth annual round up which caters for all your shoegaze and dreampop needs…..

Odd Box 2017

Odd Box Records nearly went down this year but a successful fundraiser via indiegogo has kept them afloat for another year at least and given the quality of the tracks here that’s a good thing. Download on a pay what you want basis with a suggested donation of a fiver.

2017 Sampler

Punk, garage, powerpop and all things noisey label Drunken Sailor Records have released a compilation with one track each from all their 2017 releases. What’s more it’s free (or pay what you want). Play Loud.

Sampler 2017

Z Tapes are the masters/mistresses of the compilation and their Fall 2017 one was a joy. This one has been put together by label artist Lisa van Kampen who records as Great Profile who brilliantly does not include herself! The usual mix of bands you are never likely to hear and some you may have heard (Foliage, Soft Pastels, Gorgeous Bully etc.) Again it’s name your price.

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