The BV’s – Every Story Is A Ghost Story

The BV’s are one of the bands whose output I either love (Ray) or loathe (most of the Interpunktion EP) and they are a bit like The Catherines for me in that respect. However I thought the two recent demos were a step forward and that view is further enhanced with forthcoming single Every Story Is A Ghost Story. Alongside the usual dose of indiepop they have added some noise which sounds so much better here than on the aforementioned EP. Mix that with shoegaze, dreampop, drone and a small inkling of krautrock you get a very fine single indeed. … Continue reading The BV’s – Every Story Is A Ghost Story

Ending 2017 #5

No Vacation – Intermission Dreamy, laid-back music from Californian’s No Vacation. It’s easy to drift off and daydream to these tracks especially on opener Yam Yam which sets the tone for the EP. If indiepop clubs had chill out rooms this could well be the soundtrack. Available on vinyl, cassette and digital formats from here. Facebook Poppel – Hit It Staying with the dreamy vibe Hit It is the debut album from Belgian jangle poppers Poppel. These songs are short, sweet and very jangly with only one passing the 3 minute mark – by a second! Pleasure is my pick … Continue reading Ending 2017 #5

Pale Spectres – Pale Spectres

More excellent indiepop from Parisians Pale Spectres who musically transport the listener back to the 1980’s. If they were around in those days they could well have been signed to a certain Bristol based label. There are four songs spread across this EP and they all delight in equal measure. The jangling guitars and the morose vocals combine to great effect none more so than on the closing track Goodbye which is flippin’ great! Er buy! Available on 7″ from Cloudberry Records or digitally from the band. Facebook Continue reading Pale Spectres – Pale Spectres

Clearing The Decks

I have bookmarked a lot of music to mention but time prevents me from writing about them all individually so this post is a round up of them all serving as my must buy list too! Note: if you want to listen to a companion playlist to this post head over here. The Hundredth Anniversary released their Wreckers EP back in March. Not sure why I didn’t mention it then as it’s great. Another great release on Oddbox Records. Spanish indie poppers Band A Part have a compilation of their early material and demos out on Elefant Records. It’s a … Continue reading Clearing The Decks

The Occasional Flickers – Capitalism Begins at Home

I must admit that the Occasional Flickers had fallen off my radar since 2007’s “When The Sky Looks So Gray” single. The band were founded by Greek born Giorgos Bouras and are now based in Edinburgh. You can hear some of Scotlands musical influences here. I am not gonna mention any bands as that will constitute a review suffice to say this one of the finest pieces of indiepop I have heard this year. The single is out now on 7″ vinyl from Cloudberry Records. You can download a mp3 of the single from here Homepage Facebook Continue reading The Occasional Flickers – Capitalism Begins at Home

The Secret History – Americans Singing In The Dark

I previously mentioned the release of this album last month and now it has appeared for ordering digitally via bandcamp. You can also now order a physical copy from Cloudberry Records. The NYC based band are over in the UK next month and play Colour Me Pop with Comet Gain and The Pale Spectres on July 25th at London’s The Miller whilst they also appear at Indietracks the following day. Homepage Facebook Continue reading The Secret History – Americans Singing In The Dark

Flowers – Cut & Run

The first post I wrote about Flowers seem to be consistently popular on this site. Since then we (Sleeping Today) have put the band on and I also managed to get my mitts on the Cloudberry 7″ release which is still available if you can afford the US postage charges which make ours look pretty reasonable! Here is another release of theirs I came across after the original post. It came out in July last year via Bleeding Gold Records. The limited edition lathe cut 7″ vinyl (!) release is sold out but the digital tracks are still available. And … Continue reading Flowers – Cut & Run