Clearing The Decks

decksI have bookmarked a lot of music to mention but time prevents me from writing about them all individually so this post is a round up of them all serving as my must buy list too! Note: if you want to listen to a companion playlist to this post head over here.

The Hundredth Anniversary
released their Wreckers EP back in March. Not sure why I didn’t mention it then as it’s great. Another great release on Oddbox Records.

Spanish indie poppers Band A Part have a compilation of their early material and demos out on Elefant Records. It’s a great introduction to them if they are new to you. (Spotify)

Martha have released their debut album Counting Strong on now Fortuna Pop. (Spotify)

A band from the past The Haywains released a come back single, and their first since 1995, on Cloudberry Records back in May.

Some dark synth music (dreamwave?) for you now from Oakland’s Pastel Ghost and their Shadows EP. Don’t know anything about them apart from liking what I hear. (Spotify)

The Burnt Palms have released an album entitled The Girl You Knew. It’s out now on the wonderfully named We Were Never Being Boring Collective. (Spotify)

I really like the very short sounds of The Lemons mixing surf, pop and garage on their split single with Tokyo’s Teen Runnings who also make a lovely sound especially on the girl band sounding Make It Better. It’s out on Gary Records. (Spotify)

You still reading? Good! Moving on;

The Hi-Life Companion released their latest album Our Years In The Wilderness last month. The third track in Sabatini is worth the money alone. It’s out on NPA Records which is jointly run by band member Jon. (Spotify)

I am really liking the 1960’s influenced powerpop from Cheap Riot on their new single which you can download for free. It’s out on 7″ via French label Croque Macadam.

The Arctic Flow have just released their new EP January Stars on Dufflecoat Records. Bedroom pop at it’s finest.

A lots of influences abound on Scamu Scau from Meenk making it a quality debut. It’s even a free download.

Sadly I cannot embed Minilog links on hosted blogs so too listen to tracks covered by this post head to here. Enjoy!

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