The Haywains – Girl In The Holly Court Diner EP

Well it’s here. The first release on Whoops Records!, the label myself and Gary (ex Dufflecoat Records) have set up kicks off in style with a 7″ EP from punk-pop veterans The Haywains. I won’t gush so give it a listen and if it grabs your fancy grab a copy of this limited edition 7″ (300 copies only) from bandcamp. Enjoy! The Haywains Whoops-Records! Continue reading The Haywains – Girl In The Holly Court Diner EP

Records I Like Top 10 2015

2015 was the year I listened to the shoegaze and post punk revivalists in earnest. Club AC30 and Manic Depression Records both deserve a mention alongside the usual cohorts of Dufflecoat Records and Oddbox Records who delivered their signature brand of indiepop, diy and noise pop. I also started listening to full albums again with efforts from The Chills, Beirut and Robert Forster being high on the recommended list. I am still catching up with my backlog though and being heavily played these past few weeks are the likes of Appendixes and Tomiji. So without further ado here is my … Continue reading Records I Like Top 10 2015

The Haywains – Bobbie Gentry’s Tears E​.​P

The Bobbie Gentry’s Tears EP is the new EP from indie veterans The Haywains. It features four well crafted lo-fi, DIY songs that cavort through the indiepop model with ease. It’s enjoyable stuff none more so than on Are You Making A Fool Out Of Somebody New? with it’s jangling guitars accompanied by regretful boy/girl vocals. It’s available on 7″ vinyl from Dufflecoat Records or digitally via the band’s bandcamp page. Homepage Continue reading The Haywains – Bobbie Gentry’s Tears E​.​P

Clearing The Decks

I have bookmarked a lot of music to mention but time prevents me from writing about them all individually so this post is a round up of them all serving as my must buy list too! Note: if you want to listen to a companion playlist to this post head over here. The Hundredth Anniversary released their Wreckers EP back in March. Not sure why I didn’t mention it then as it’s great. Another great release on Oddbox Records. Spanish indie poppers Band A Part have a compilation of their early material and demos out on Elefant Records. It’s a … Continue reading Clearing The Decks