The Lemons – Hello, We’re The Lemons

The Lemons have collated all their songs into one lovely album. Each one of the 28 songs here, ranging from 30 odd seconds to just over two minutes,  will leave you with a smile on your face. If, like me, you like 1960’s inspired garage/surf songs about jelly beans, daft conversations, elephants and friends then you are in the right place. It’s available to pre-order from Burger Records in vinyl and cassette formats. Alternatively get it digitally from the band. Facebook Continue reading The Lemons – Hello, We’re The Lemons

Records I Like Tracks Of The Year 2014 – 10 to 6

Phew. It was a hard choice picking just 10 songs to represent the Records I Like Top 10 Tracks for 2014 and I think I should really thinking about a move to Spain at some point given the amount of Spanish indiepop I have listened to in 2014. The just missing out pile included tracks by Lost Tapes, Earth Girls, Shackleton, Teen Runnings, Factory Floor, The Debutantes, Joanna Gruesome, My Light Shines For You, Zipper, Lightfoils, PinkshinyUltrablast, Peru, Crescendo, Hardfloor, The Hobbes Fanclub and The Popguns off the top of my head – maybe I should have done a top … Continue reading Records I Like Tracks Of The Year 2014 – 10 to 6

Clearing The Decks

I have bookmarked a lot of music to mention but time prevents me from writing about them all individually so this post is a round up of them all serving as my must buy list too! Note: if you want to listen to a companion playlist to this post head over here. The Hundredth Anniversary released their Wreckers EP back in March. Not sure why I didn’t mention it then as it’s great. Another great release on Oddbox Records. Spanish indie poppers Band A Part have a compilation of their early material and demos out on Elefant Records. It’s a … Continue reading Clearing The Decks