Records I Like Tracks Of The Year 2014 – 10 to 6

vintage-record-players-2Phew. It was a hard choice picking just 10 songs to represent the Records I Like Top 10 Tracks for 2014 and I think I should really thinking about a move to Spain at some point given the amount of Spanish indiepop I have listened to in 2014.

The just missing out pile included tracks by Lost Tapes, Earth Girls, Shackleton, Teen Runnings, Factory Floor, The Debutantes, Joanna Gruesome, My Light Shines For You, Zipper, Lightfoils, PinkshinyUltrablast, Peru, Crescendo, Hardfloor, The Hobbes Fanclub and The Popguns off the top of my head – maybe I should have done a top 20 but then I have no doubt that would have expanded into a thirty!

Here are the first five.

10. The Hi-Life Companion – Sabatini

Taken from the band’s second album Our Years In The Wilderness which sounds even better after their wonderful performance at the Big Pink Cake Christmas Party a few weeks ago.

9. Univers – Heather

One of my most played tracks in 2014. I think it’s something to do with the dead pan vocals complete with thriving guitars. If The Wedding present came from Catalonia instead of Leeds they may have sounded a bit like this. Taken from the album L’ Estat Natural.

8. Linda Guilala – Sábados De Tormenta

Taken from the excellent EP Xeristar. It was a choice between this and Verano. The latter was so good it earned itself it’s own single release a few months later. I prefer Sábados De Tormenta for the simple reason it’s fuzzier and louder!

7. The Lemons – Lemoncita

Taken from the excellent split 7″ single with Teen Runnings (whose wonderful track Make It Better just missed out being included here) this is a minute and a half of sugar sweet pop.

6. When Nalda Became Pop – Indiepop or Whatever

I think this is the most predictable entry in the top 10 and I am pretty sure this track will feature in many best of lists world wide. Given it’s feel good factor and that it is an enjoyable romp trough the indiepop template that’s hardly surprising! Taken from the EP of the same name.

Tracks 5 to 1 can be found here.

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