Records I Like Tracks Of The Year 2014 – 5 to 1

vintagevinyl1Tracks 10 to 6 can be found here.

The countdown continues……..

5. The Radio Dept. – Death to Fascism

The Radio Dept. only seem to release songs these days when there is a general election in their native Sweden. Death To Fascism is their response to the rise of the extreme right in Sweden and features chants of Smrt fašizmu, sloboda narodu over what sounds like a remix of The Jesus and Mary Chain’s Reverence.

You can download the song for free from Soundcloud.

4. The Wendy Darlings – Bobby Darin

Taken from the album The Insufferable Fatigues of Idleness this ode to the late US singer/actor by the French band The Wendy Darlings is a ready made classic for the indiepop dancefloor. As I stated back in April you must be dead if this does not make your legs move.

3. Flowers – Joanna

I must admit I was fearful for Flowers debut long player wondering if it would be over produced which would nullify their sound. Whilst some of the fuzz has gone this reworked version of Joanna, a song about depression and originally released on Oddbox Records last year as part of their 2013’s singles club, is simply sublime with Rachel’s haunting and beautiful vocals shine throughout.

Joanna was taken from the album Do What You Want To, It’s What You Should Do.

2. Young Romance – Pale

It was a long time coming but it finally surfaced as a 7″ single in March this year and what a belter it was. An ode to doomed love Pale was accompanied by thrashing guitars and a fine vocal performance from Claire whilst she thumped away on the drums. A new EP is due out early next year.

1. Franny & Zooey – I Love You

I must admit I have not been taken with Franny & Zooey’s material prior to the Bottled Up And Ready To Go Ep that saw a release on Dufflecoat Records back in July. Not sure what made me give it a listen but I am so glad I did as the whole EP is simply a joy none more so than the closing track I Love You. Simple, effective and damn right wonderful. Nowt more needs to be said.

The physical version has long since sold out but the EP is still available digitally here.

You can listen to the top 10 at Minilogs. Feel free to post your faves of 2014 in the comments section.

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