Something For The Weekend? Three New Singles

This week’s pack of three features three hot off the press singles that arrived in my inbox this morning.

Axolotes Mexicanos – Que Te Pires

A nice slice of punk-pop to kick us off. Que Te Pires is the first single to be lifted from the forthcoming album :3 that will be released later this year. Their label (Elefant Records) are not kidding when they say there are some Japanese influences on this one. Loud, fun and a great way to kick of this, or any other, weekend! Get it from here.


The Lemons – Gummy Worm

Gummy Worm is a short and sweet 1960s inspired summer pop/bubblegum pop track that is over by the time I finished typing this sentence! It’s backed with a cut n’ mix radio commercial featuring the same track and which is even shorter. Damn beaten again! Well worth a dollar.


Kindsight – How I Feel

How I Feel is a slow building effort from Danish band Kindsight, an indiepop ballad if you will. It’s actually hard not to think of Holy Now or even The Cardigans when listening to this one especially when it comes to the vocals. That equals sounds good to me by the way!

How I Feel is out now on digitally via Rama Lama Records.


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