Verandan – Hideaway

I previously wrote that the Finnish band Verandan’s music reminds me of The Associates, ABC and Orange Juice with some indiepop thrown in. The Associates was the first thought in my head when Hideaway both started and finished.

Ex Cats of Fire singer Ville Hopponen doesn’t have a voice that could be matched to that of the late Billy Mackenzie (let’s face it – who has/did) but his vocals are fine none the less as the eighties retro feel of the song starts to kick in. Some nice trumpets too and shimmering synths too! Flipside Pink Clouds has some nice retro moments too especially the orchestral like feel similar to ABC’s finer moments as the song runs down to its conclusion.

Hideaway is available on 7″ vinyl from Cloudberry Records. The label does not do digital releases although you can find a copy of the mp3 on the order page or alternatively use the label’s Bandcamp. You can purchase Pink Clouds from the band’s Bandcamp page. Let’s not forget the beautiful artwork of Oct Streitenberger either.

EDIT: The single should be appearing digitally via Helsinki based label Soliti.


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