Ending 2017 #4

The Autumn Sighs – Green

The Green EP is the latest release from German shoegazers The Autumn Sighs who stick to the template rigidly and deliver a beautiful, haunting EP reminiscent of The Pale Saints. Shoegaze at it’s finest.

The EP is out on Dreams Never End.


Your Friends Polymers – v chuzhoi strane

Sticking on the shoegaze/dreampop theme we next head to Russia and the latest one from Your Friends Polymers who finally follow up 2015’s Chudesa EP. Thankfully their music is much better than their name and this is one of the best EP’s in the genre I have heard this year none more so than the lead track. Most excellent.


Vim – Ukiyo

Down by Vim is one of my favourite tracks of the year and as 2017 comes to a close the Australian dream-poppers release their debut EP. It does not disappoint and the promise that Down brought has been realised. It’s dreamy stuff complete with a few nods to post punk too and there is not one duff track amongst the five here. Shimmering guitars and female vocals. What’s not to love?

Available on cassette and digital formats from the band.


The Daysleepers – Foreverpeople (Single Mix)

We may has well stay on a shoegazing trip for the rest of the post! Foreverpeople is the 3rd single to be taken from the forthcoming album Creation. That album name alone should give you a hint of how the band sounds. Suffice to say it’s the best of the singles released to date.


Starwheel – Replica

Replica is taken from the band’s self titled EP and errs on the rockier side of shoegaze. It’s a fine track that takes it cues from the early 90’s UK indie scene (as does their wonderful band photo). Sadly the rest of the EP is pretty disappointing and Starwheel end up sounding like a different band on each track. Best grab Replica on it’s own because they can certainly hit the target but sadly not on a consistent basis.


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