Christmas Single Jingles

Some Christmas releases to catch the ear.

Seafang – Happy When It Snows

Actually this, like all of Seafang’s releases to date, is actually pretty good. Shoegaze (or should that be snowgaze) mixed with the sounds of C86 delivers one of the better holiday songs I have heard. They also cover The Primitives You Trashed My Christmas for good measure too.


Girl Ray – (I Wish I Were Giving You a Gift) This Christmas

Epic indiepop from Girl Ray. There is so much going on here you are going to have to play it a few times to take it all in.


The Spook School – Someone To Spend Christmas With

I have been slowly going off The Spook School but this track about relationships gets me back on track. The Spook School. Not just for Christmas?


Fascinations Grand Chorus – Merry, Merry Christmas

Fascinations Grand Chorus music suits the christmas single down to a tee and you will be drifting off with visions of a blazing fire, drunken uncles and horrendous jumpers as this plays in the background. Or not as the case may be but this works so well you will be glad to hear that this single contains three Christmas tracks! And the cover art is just fantastic.


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