Christmas Single Jingles

Some Christmas releases to catch the ear. Seafang – Happy When It Snows Actually this, like all of Seafang’s releases to date, is actually pretty good. Shoegaze (or should that be snowgaze) mixed with the sounds of C86 delivers one of the better holiday songs I have heard. They also cover The Primitives You Trashed My Christmas for good measure too. Facebook Girl Ray – (I Wish I Were Giving You a Gift) This Christmas Epic indiepop from Girl Ray. There is so much going on here you are going to have to play it a few times to take … Continue reading Christmas Single Jingles

Something For The Weekend? A New Mix!

A mix featuring 12 excellent tracks that have yet to be featured on the site. Here is the Mixcloud blurb: This latest Records I Like Mix covers a lot of ground over the course of its 33 minutes. From the opening gentle twee and indiepop sounds of Girl Ray and Those Unfortunates to the intense shoegaze of Kindling and Devilish Dear. How about some epic sounding indie pop from Agent Bla, Holy Now and the Death Of Pop going up alongside tracks from Brunch Club, When Nalda Became Punk, Supermilk, Kitty Kat Club and Early Riser. It’s all here. Enjoy! … Continue reading Something For The Weekend? A New Mix!