A Bank Holiday Sunday Saunter

The new single from Palembang’s Lazy Eye certainly uses the voice of bass player Isabella Maulidya to great effect. Her vocals move from the sweet from ethereal whilst the guitars sparkle as a perfect accompaniment. The drums stand out on this one with the constant beats giving them an analogue effect. As London is bathed in glorious sunshine this one is a perfect tune for the bank holiday soundtrack.

Is it me or is Lonely But Not Alone the poppiest Sydney’s Egoism has ever been? There are hooks galore as the male/female vocals bounce off each other resulting in a catchy tune that wears me out with all that foot-tapping!

I must admit that I was not going to give a listen to Give Me Your Love from London’s Girl Ray based on the fact that their 2019 album Girl was such a disappointment to these ears. But the weak sounding beats on the aforementioned album get beefed up by Hot Chip’s Al Doyle and Joe Goddard on this rework of one of the bands old demo tracks with the synths getting a full workout. The synths even sound like Bernard Sumners remix of ACR’s Won’t Stop Loving You especially toward the end. I cannot wait to hear the full 7-minute version that this radio remix has whetted my appetite for.

Face on The Rail Line is the third single to be taken from the The Catenary Wires forthcoming album Birling Gap. It’s a folk-tinged track that also invokes a gospel, hymn-like feel whilst listening to it. Pleasant stuff indeed.

Saviours and Marauders is the final single to be taken from the forthcoming concept album from English Summer titled The Wedding. The church bells ring out but not in joy it seems. The singles have sounded a bit out of place on their own so it will be good to hear them placed as they should be when the album is finally released.

The Tubs, who feature Owen Williams and George Nicholls (Joanna Gruesome), release their new EP Names on July 2nd 2021. Two Person Love is the first track to be made available from the EP with the label (s) describing the band’s sound as “a bit like Swell Maps playing Velvet Underground songs”. The jerky guitars found on the song mean that I can certainly hear the former. The EP will be a joint release between London’s Prefect Records and US label Trouble In Mind.

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