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Fascinations Grand Chorus – Wherever You Go

The other afternoon I was listening to some early Comet Gain, their offshoot band Velocette and the long-forgotten Kicker liking the way each of those bands blended a heady mix of Northern Soul and the 1960’s girl-groups/Phil Spector sound. Who does that these days I thought? And then, through the letterbox (well email), popped the … Continue reading

Something For The Weekend? Christmas Tunes

This weeks extended pack of three covers some festive releases. The School – Christmas EP Hey the School are back! We have not heard from them for a long time and their 1960’s pop sound lends it’s ears well to a Christmas release. Happy Christmas (Don’t Tell Me It’s Over) is a driving indiepop tune … Continue reading

Sometimes Too…

Fascinations Grand Chorus – Can’t Let Go Fascinations Grand Chorus release a new album at the end of the month in the shape of the wonderfully named Presentations of Electrical Confectionery. The opening track Can’t Let Go has just been released as a taster. It’s another fine example of 1960s girl band inspired indiepop the … Continue reading

Fascinations Grand Chorus – Until I Found You

Continuing this weekends incidental 1960’s influenced theme today we have New Yorkers Fascinations Grand Chorus delivering their polished and effective brand of retro pop music. Thanks, mainly to singer Stephanie’s voice, you can take your pick and compare the band to any number of girl bands as you like. Grand by name and grand by … Continue reading

Christmas Single Jingles

Some Christmas releases to catch the ear. Seafang – Happy When It Snows Actually this, like all of Seafang’s releases to date, is actually pretty good. Shoegaze (or should that be snowgaze) mixed with the sounds of C86 delivers one of the better holiday songs I have heard. They also cover The Primitives You Trashed … Continue reading

Ending 2017 #1

As we hurtle to the end of 2017 I am trying to collate a number of releases over the next few posts. Sky Faction – Sky Faction Sky Faction have members of Starry Eyed Cadet amongst their ranks so if you are familiar with that band you may guess how this lot sound. If not … Continue reading

Finishing Off….. 2016

After scrolling through my bookmarks here are some releases that deserved posts of their own but a busier solstice than usual has prevented that so please divert your ears into the direction of the following: Swimming Tapes – Set The Fire / Souvenirs Excellent debut 7″ from this London based alternative pop band. Facebook Son … Continue reading

Fascinations Grand Chorus – Welcome

I briefly mentioned Fascinations Grand Chorus in a round up a few months back where I enthused about their retro sound on Welcome, the 1960’s tinged lead track from their debut self released EP. They have now made a video for that track that captures that retro vibe perfectly.  It reminds me of Lucky Soul. … Continue reading

Something for the Weekend….

Another three pack for your discovery/enjoyment etc. The first two featured in the recent podcast and it’s only fair to give them more of a mention. The Lads Mags – The Future’s Done Excellent 1960’s girl band influenced garage from Canadian’s The Lad Mags. Of the two tracks available it’s opener Bed of Bones that … Continue reading

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