Golden Teardrops – I Won’t Be Fooled Again (Alternate Mix)

Golden Teardrops have released an alternative version of their recent I Won’t Be Fooled Again single. The band, who comprise of husband and wife team Ryan and Lei Marquez, write that this version was supposed to part of a compilation which I guess has not materialised. They also write that mix includes faux trumpets! I wrote that back in January that the original mix had a floor stompin’ northern soul feel about it. This version doesn’t sound that much different to me aside from those trumpets and regardless of which version I will play they both are guaranteed to have … Continue reading Golden Teardrops – I Won’t Be Fooled Again (Alternate Mix)

Fascinations Grand Chorus – Wherever You Go

The other afternoon I was listening to some early Comet Gain, their offshoot band Velocette and the long-forgotten Kicker liking the way each of those bands blended a heady mix of Northern Soul and the 1960’s girl-groups/Phil Spector sound. Who does that these days I thought? And then, through the letterbox (well email), popped the latest release from New Jersey’s Fascinations Grand Chorus which does precisely that on Wherever You Go. To the dancefloor that’s where….. Facebook Continue reading Fascinations Grand Chorus – Wherever You Go

September Round Up #4

I have been meaning to post one or two posts covering recent releases by Indonesian bands as part of the something for the weekend series but have never got around to it to my shame. So without further ado; Sharesprings – Something Soon It’s not often I mention the same song on these pages twice but Something Soon is the standout track for me from Sharesprings’ debut album Paraparlor which also features recent single Elza, I’d Write You A Song. Excellent indiepop. Tullycraft still matters indeed. Get it from here. Ease – Longing A pretty excellent and most noisy shoegazing … Continue reading September Round Up #4

Trambeat – Too Good For You

Too Good For You is the stand out track from Trambeat’s self released Walk A Mile EP which you can pick up from the band’s bandcamp page. It’s an addictive and catchy northern soul inspired tune which certainly keeps the faith! The aforementioned EP caught the ear of two labels in Germany (Firestation Records & Sundae Soul Recordings) who will be jointly releasing two tracks lifted from it as a limited edition 7″ single next month. You can pre-order it here. The flip side will be the EP’s title track which also adds a bit of rap into the mix. … Continue reading Trambeat – Too Good For You