September Round Up #4

I have been meaning to post one or two posts covering recent releases by Indonesian bands as part of the something for the weekend series but have never got around to it to my shame. So without further ado;

Sharesprings – Something Soon

It’s not often I mention the same song on these pages twice but Something Soon is the standout track for me from Sharesprings’ debut album Paraparlor which also features recent single Elza, I’d Write You A Song. Excellent indiepop. Tullycraft still matters indeed. Get it from here.

Ease – Longing

A pretty excellent and most noisy shoegazing single from Jakarta’s Ease. The duel vocals work well over the bursting guitars. I look forward to more from this lot.


Toy Tambourine – Sparks (Demo)

Bandung’s Toy Tambourine are one of many Indonesian bands who influences lie with Sarah Records. For example check out their covers of Another Sunny Day. However Sparks isn’t a blatant rip off and their is enough of their own identity is this song to ensure the band are not another copyist band.

The Sweetest Touch – Crystal Shades

Crystal Shades is the title track from the forthcoming EP from The Sweetest Touch which will be released on Greek label Melotron Recordings. Er did I mention Sarah Records? Nothing has really changed sound-wise since that review but I have to say Crystal Shades is one hell of a beautiful tune.

The EP is released on the 1st October. Pre-order it from here.

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