Turks & Caicos – Bad Situation

Indonesian band Turks & Caicos first caught our ears on the New Wave of Hype compilation and now we are treated to their debut EP Bad Situation. There are five tracks here mixing up synth driven indiepop and as well as the guitar dominated type. The synth driven songs open and the first two remind me of The Radio Dept. It gets even better on This Town which is a gentle and sometimes beautiful song. The title track sees the addition of frantic guitars that has that classic indiepop sound. They save the best to last on Subversive which is … Continue reading Turks & Caicos – Bad Situation

Texpack – Perfect Buzz

Perfect Buzz is proof that not all Indonesian bands take their inspiration from the city of Bristol in England’s west country. Perfect Buzz takes its lead from Seattle born grunge before settling on an all encompassing college rock sound. However, it’s the fuzzy guitar sound of Ocean Breath I prefer and the vocals somehow gives the song a poppier edge. These two tracks were originally found on the 2016 Courageous EP released on Hujan! Rekords and they have now been released as a free download single on Dismantled. An album follows later this year on Anoa Records. Continue reading Texpack – Perfect Buzz

Now That’s What I Call Compilations…..

Today’s round up features compilations that may, or may not, grab your ears and attention….. Goodbye Idiots II A compilation put together to celebrate Mexican label Stupid Decisions second birthday. It features some excellent indiepop tunes from the likes of Marble Gods, Andrew Younker and Orchid Mantis amongst others. However it’s the new to me Perrogato and their track Fiesta Alienígena which is the pick of the bunch of those currently available for steaming. Pre-order it from here. Facebook Come On Feel The NoiZe, Vol. 2 – Americas´Attack The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records follow up last years Brazilian compilation … Continue reading Now That’s What I Call Compilations…..

September Round Up #4

I have been meaning to post one or two posts covering recent releases by Indonesian bands as part of the something for the weekend series but have never got around to it to my shame. So without further ado; Sharesprings – Something Soon It’s not often I mention the same song on these pages twice but Something Soon is the standout track for me from Sharesprings’ debut album Paraparlor which also features recent single Elza, I’d Write You A Song. Excellent indiepop. Tullycraft still matters indeed. Get it from here. Ease – Longing A pretty excellent and most noisy shoegazing … Continue reading September Round Up #4

Damascus – Painted Road

According to the label Painted Road is one of the best Indonesian rock and roll songs ever written. Given that I have not heard that much Indonesian rock and roll (feel free to recommend me some) I will have to take their word for it but to be fair it sets a pretty high benchmark. Dismantled normally release indiepop and there is nowt of that here. Instead you get a rousing affair with cranked up guitars and pounding drums with sleazy vocals to match. Is it me or does the singer sound like a young Phil Lynott (showing my age … Continue reading Damascus – Painted Road

Various – Strawberry Punks

Strawberry Punks is a compilation compiling five Indonesian bands who contribute a track each. This EP demonstrates how strong the Indonesian indiepop scene is. Go back a few years and whilst the music was good in most cases it was note for note copy of a any number of Sarah Records bands you could care to name. On this compilation however bands are now coming out of their comfort zone and expanding far from their influences none more so than The Whistling Possum and their track Them Are Pigs which fuses some of the danceable elements of post punk together … Continue reading Various – Strawberry Punks

Dismantled – Single of The Year

This two track single with a tongue in cheek title from Jakarta’s Dismantled label is not a bad way to start 2018. Sugarsting’s Chasing Pony is a pretty damn effective and infectious track that pulls in both indiepop and indie rock complete with wonderful female vocals. Flip side Larry by Ache is a far rockier affair that took a couple of plays for me to appreciate but I certainly appreciate it now. Available from here. Dismantled Continue reading Dismantled – Single of The Year