Ending 2017 #1

As we hurtle to the end of 2017 I am trying to collate a number of releases over the next few posts.

Sky Faction – Sky Faction

Sky Faction have members of Starry Eyed Cadet amongst their ranks so if you are familiar with that band you may guess how this lot sound. If not then we have five indiepop tracks that may delight or annoy in equal measure. Whilst No One Else is an absolute delight I am pegged back by the over complicated Miss Solitary and the dreary Mar. Thankfully things pick up on Lactose Intolerant and the lovely Feathers. It’s available on a pay what you want basis so pay more if you like more tracks than I did.


Curelight Wounds – Constant Mind

Punkgaze?! it’s a new one on me but this is exactly what it says on the tin. Fast and furious this is best played loud especially Hot House and Distant Song. It’s the first I have heard of the band but it certainly will not be the last.


Fascinations Grand Chorus – Anglesea

More 1960’s inspired pop music from New York’s Fascinations Grand Chorus. Tracks like When You’re Mine and Wait are lovely and sweet but I can see this lot getting seriously stuck in a hole one day. I mean whatever happened to Lucky Soul?

Get it from here.


The Perfect English Weather – English Winter EP

The Popguns side project featuring Simon and Wendy Pickles have just released their new single featuring four gentle tracks including the obligatory Christmas one. The highlights are Still which features the band’s ex drummer Shaun Charman, now of the excellent Jetstream Pony, who contributes on both drums and guitar and the lovely Cold Out. Given their debut album blew hot and cold for me this EP was a revelation on first listen. Maybe I should dig that album out again….

The English Winter EP is available on CD and digital formats via Bandcamp or Matinee Recordings (US)


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