Blonde on Blonde

I am old enough to remember the term Blonde Movement, coined by then Melody Maker writer Chris Roberts back in the day, to describe a late 1980’s musical movement which was defined by the hair colour of vocalists of The Primitives, Darling Buds, Transvision Vamp and to a lesser extent Birdland!

Amazingly the first two bands from that list are still releasing music a quarter of a century later. The Primitives for a number of years now whilst The Darling Buds have just released their first new material for almost 25 years.

The former release a new EP on Elefant Records early next month. Called the New Thrills EP it features four new tracks including I’ll Trust The Wind. It sounds like erm, a Pure era Primitives especially those do do do do’s…. Pure pop and pure fun!

It’s available on 10″ vinyl from Elefant or digitally here.

I mentioned a new EP from The Darling Buds a few weeks ago but now there is a video available for the lead track Evergreen. Which is apt is it not? It’s poppy with a rocky edge. Out now on 10″ vinyl on Oddbox Records.



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