Matinee Recordings Website Relaunch

There are labels and there are labels. Matinee Recordings has been an odds-on favourite for many an indiepop fan.  In fact, Matinee was the subject of the first-ever post on this blog back in 2012!

The label has been a bit quiet of late and that’s because they were in the process of launching a new website which is now up and running. And if you have any gaps in your Matinee collection now might be a good time to remedy that as the label is giving a 30% discount on purchases of $30/£22.50/€26 and the offer expires on September 6th 2020.  You can read about the new website and the offer here.

As part of the relaunch, the label has added more than 100 back catalogue releases to their Soundcloud page which means you can sample some quality tuneage before spending your hard-earned pennies.

And there is more! The label writes that “we have an impressive backlog of new releases that we’ll announce in very short order, including imminent releases from My darling YOU!, Northern Portrait, The Royal Landscaping Society, Strawberry Whiplash and more, plus a very special Matinée compilation.”

I am especially looking forward to the Northern Portrait one especially as we (Lost Music) gave the band their live London debut back in 2009 – time flies eh?


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