A Tuesday Trio

DAODA – Through the Veil

I have not heard New York’s DAODA for a couple of years now. I am not sure how I missed last year’s Swimming single but have rectified that on the new one Through the Veil. I am not sure where the jazz-funk/industrial fusion has come from mind. Only jesting. DADOA still produces dreampop that shimmers and glistens. One for soaraway imaginations.


Agent blå – Frustrated

Swedish band Agent blå are continuing on their quest to flood the world with an epic indiepop sound and Frustrated is no exception. Unless I have gone very deaf and/or my headphones have packed in it sounds like there is a new voice on duty. The vocals sound quite forlorn and desolate amongst the guitars that twist and whirl. The pain of love eh?


Ancient Light – Siren’s Tomb

Polish band Ancient Light roll out their yearly track in the shape of Siren’s Tomb. They finally deliver a coldwave/post-punk inspired track that their band name deserves as electronic beats, shattering synths and haunting gothic female vocals collide. Please drop that horrible font though…..

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