Various Artists – F.A.R. Out

Having been involved in putting out a number of releases over the past decade I know how stressful getting the finished article can be. That’s why I sympathise with Estella at Fadeawayradiate Records when she writes that, whilst putting the label’s third compilation together, “was like extracting a tooth from a whale”! Mind you sending the whale to the marine dentist was worthy sacrifice as this is a very good compilation indeed.

The theme of the compilation, titled F.A.R. OUT, is that of a late 1960s sunshine pop theme and unlike the label’s two previous compilations which consisted of cover versions all the tracks here are original compositions. So with all that back ground what do we get? Well we can count on a raft of some familiar names such as Young Scum, The Catherines, Mark Elston, The Suncharms and many more to pull us in. Estella’s own band Nah… also make a welcome appearance with the flip side of their recent Apple Blossoms single.

Some of the songs are incredibly authentic sounding. The Sound of Pop Art continue doing their retro pop thing on Sometimes Jessamine whilst Spanish veterans The Yellow Melodies deliver a sunny, feel good track on It’s a Good Day Today which would have sounded fantastic in mono. Whilst most of the songs here are jangling guitar efforts such as the reformed Suncharms on Jet Plane and Young Scum’s excellent track Seltzer we also get some lovely slower paced tracks. These include Park on This Lost Summer and Already Heart by Miserable Chillers.

F.A.R. Out isn’t constrained by it’s theme and is incredibly diverse and satisfying. Sadly I took so long giving it a listen that the limited CD run has sold out. However it’s still available digitally from the label’s bandcamp page.


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