Various Artists – Join A Comp!

You wait yonks for a decent indiepop compilation then two turn up in a row! Hot on the heels of the Impermeable Records C19 compilation Fadeawayradiate Records have just issued Join A Comp!. Despite countries slowly opening up as a result of the covid virus the label writes that “there are still no venue events, festivals and gigs. I thought it would be fun and also good exposure for bands to do a compilation”. Hard to argue with that. Like the aforementioned compilation there is plenty here that you may (I hope!) read about on these pages. So where to … Continue reading Various Artists – Join A Comp!

Various Artists – F.A.R. Out

Having been involved in putting out a number of releases over the past decade I know how stressful getting the finished article can be. That’s why I sympathise with Estella at Fadeawayradiate Records when she writes that, whilst putting the label’s third compilation together, “was like extracting a tooth from a whale”! Mind you sending the whale to the marine dentist was worthy sacrifice as this is a very good compilation indeed. The theme of the compilation, titled F.A.R. OUT, is that of a late 1960s sunshine pop theme and unlike the label’s two previous compilations which consisted of cover … Continue reading Various Artists – F.A.R. Out