Sapphire & Steel – Assignment 1

Sapphire & Steel (I am old enough to remember the TV series!) are Estella Rosa (Nah…) and Norwegian Singer/songwriter Jørn Åleskjær. They write that Sapphire & Steel is a “retro pop project and the result of bouncing ideas back ’n forth between Norwegian woods and Dutch polders for the past 3 years”.

The use of the term “retro project” is the right description here as influences on both run amok. The 1970s is prevalent whether it’s pop, folk, disco and even a hint of r&b can be heard. That said the opening track Home has a definite 1980s indiepop feel as the guitars jangle whilst the vocals tingle. Rumours (does the title pay homage to Fleetwood Mac?) is a soft rock track that features The Catherines’ Heiko Schneider on guest vocals. It has a catchy chorus that gets the feet tapping. Those feet become fully-fledged dancing shoes on Susan which is the sound of Abba taking a spin on the dance floor with Fat Larry’s band. Elefant Records has spent years perfecting the retro take on pop music. Sapphire & Steel have got it in one.

In the TV series, Sapphire & Steel had numerous assignments. Hopefully, the band that took their name have plenty more too. Assignment 1 is available digitally via Fadeawayradiate Records.


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