Bunch of Five

Love Tan – Love Tan

If I had to compare Love Tan to anyone else right now it would have to be The Jeanines. The two share the same DNA from musical influences (c86, twee) right down to the same retro artwork and style! This new duo from Brighton, who comprise of Ben Nightingale (B. Spanks) and Céline Doméné (Greetings from the Beloved Ghosts), thankfully also produce the same excellent tuneage on their self-titled debut. None more so on the likes of What’s The Point, Why Why Why Why and Sucky City which are lovely bedroom recorded lo-fi indie-pop tunes. They even supply a cover of Hank Snow’s 1954 Country classic I Don’t Hurt Anymore.

Love Tan is out now on cassette and digital formats from the London based label Permanent Slump.

Rilev – Fade

There are some good tracks to be heard across the seven found on Fade which is the latest release from Mexican Shoegazers Rilev. The shorter tracks like Days Before and Pure Lines are fine examples of shoegazing and the former is certainly worth a few minutes of anyone’s time. However, the lack of variety becomes an issue as this extended EP/mini-album progresses and it soon blurs into one with only the aforementioned tracks providing a spark of interest. Fade is available digitally from here.


Richard Hamilton – My Perfect World

I enjoyed Hamilton’s recent single My Perfect World and he has just released an album of the same name. There is a mix of influences ranging from punk and glam rock to art-rock and post-punk. It’s an enjoyable romp with some excellent guitar riffs and some great backing vocals from Miss World and Roxeanne Starnik. Tracks like Mercury In Pisces, XOXO and Marina are prime examples of scuzzy and fuzzy guitar led songs. If you like your alt-rock tinged with the echoes of the 1970s then this album is a must-listen. My Perfect World is out now on Quality Time Records.

Planet Loser – Around the Clouds

The vocals of Amber Lewis shine through on the new single from Planet Loser. Around The Clouds is a melodic slow burner as the song deals with telling a one time Paramore where to get off. To be honest anyone with a voice that good can tell all and sundry to jump off a cliff with ease.


Happy Cat Meows – Para Siempre en Internet

Argentinian outfit Happy Cat Meows (Lucas from Rayos de la Niñez) have released a few songs and one EP already this year but Para Siempre en Internet is my introduction to the band. And it’s a good one as lo-fi home recorded indiepop tunes are the order of the day. The songs are short, but as in the case of Flores, not necessarily sweet! It’s the best of the three songs but that does not mean the other two should not get a look in (or should that be a listen?) especially where the backing vocals are to be found. An enjoyable listen, and introduction, all round!


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