Various Artists – Join A Comp!

You wait yonks for a decent indiepop compilation then two turn up in a row! Hot on the heels of the Impermeable Records C19 compilation Fadeawayradiate Records have just issued Join A Comp!. Despite countries slowly opening up as a result of the covid virus the label writes that “there are still no venue events, festivals and gigs. I thought it would be fun and also good exposure for bands to do a compilation”. Hard to argue with that.

Like the aforementioned compilation there is plenty here that you may (I hope!) read about on these pages. So where to start? The compilation opens with Love, the recent debut single from Cinéma Lumière and it doesn’t let up from there. Contributions from Starry Eyed Cadet, The Catherines,  The Francine Odysseys, Apple Orchard et al shows the strength in depth available here and a cap must be dothed in the direction of label head honcho Estella Rosa for her choices.

However it’s the stuff that is new to me that is always of interest. I enjoyed the powerpop provided by Mercvrial, the mellow sounds of Distant Creatures and the Miserable Chillers mature, retro sounding pop music. Looks like I have some catching up to do but that’s the joy of compilations right? The EP finishes with the instrumental Aquamarine Cocktail Lounge by The Death Of Pop complete with some Peter Hook style bass lines at the erm, death. Talk about finishing on the right note (s)! In short it’s a cracking comp. I suggest you take a listen.

Join A Comp! is available on a pay what you want basis from the label but try and dig deep if you can to support the artists involved.

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