Fog – Fictitious Fiction Fictitious

I wrote about Fog back in early February when their single Shine/Dreaming Dreaming Dreaming was released.

Since then the Seoul based band have undergone a couple of line up changes and, as we start the descent towards the end of 2019, they have just released a new version of Fictitious Fiction Fictitious which originally appeared on their demo album The Harder We Push, The Faster We’ll All Get Outta Here.

And what a transformation it is. Whereas the original hinted at beauty underneath, on this version it comes to the straight to the fore. When a song you liked it’s original form its re-recorded I sometimes think it loses something after all that polishing but here it glistens. Sod looking at your shoes and, with this track on, glance skywards instead and you may catch a starburst which sums this song up in a nutshell (or perhaps a nebula)…..


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