Records I Like Mix January 2022

I must admit that at one stage I thought I did not have enough music for this months mix hence it’s lateness. However there has been so much good music released over the past couple of weeks that crisis has been averted!

So what’s here? For starters there are a couple of tracks here that have already been selected for the best of 2022 list! There are also two cracking cover versions. One is pretty obvious, one maybe less so. After adding those to the usual heady of mix of dreampop, indiepop and jangle pop it leaves me with just one thing to say – enjoy!

Full Track Listing:

World Of Fox – Pristine Christine
The Reds, Pinks & Purples – I Still Owe You Everything
Ex-Vöid – Churchyard
Dreamcoaster – Step Outside
Fjord Mustang – Fortune
The Bunbury – Blue Haze
Nah… – The Useless Model
The Photocopies – Better Than Nothing, I Suppose
Kindsight – Sun Is Always in My Eyes
Seaside – Shadows
And Hearts – About Time
Thanks For Coming – Dear Rachel
Moon Pics – Over (Arrows)
Salt Lake Alley – Now I’ve Realized
Hipflasks – Dorothy
Revolution Above Disorder – Scream Quietly
Films on Song – Over the Sink
Artsick – Ghost of Myself
Soup! – The Acrobat
Coming Up Roses – Glass Stained Eyes
English Summer – A New Colour for You
No Suits in Miami – The Robins Sang
Kids On A Crime Spree – All Things Fade
Kodiak Island – Anything, Everything

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