Something For The Weekend – Pick ‘n’ Mix

This weeks pack of three features three tracks that are drawn from different genres.

Tara – Letting Go

Tara present another dreamy track that meanders along it’s ethereal course. Shimmering guitars and intangible vocals are the order of the day as the song twists and turns. It’s lovely, drifting stuff. Perfect for cloud-walking.


Elicriso – Sinapsi

Regular readers, if there is such a thing!, will have noted that I am partial to gloomy darkwave/synthpop complete with deadpan vocals and a driving electronic beat giving rise to a haunting atmosphere. Er that’s the debut single by Italian post-punks Elicriso described in a nutshell then.


Diet Pill – Sad Boy

Sad Boy is the new single from this Russian based band and what a cobweb blower it is, being a mix of grunge and riot grrrl. Singing in English it’s the tale of lad who works his way into an early grave – the lack of empathy in the lyrics is noted but the singer misses him! Flip side Spider Business is a even rockier with some thumping percussion and metal guitars. Play, erm, loud!

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