Silent & Alone – A Post-Punk Mix

It’s been at least a month or so since the last post-punk mix and in that time there have been plenty of excellent singles and a few albums. Primarily a coldwave mix there is more than enough to keep you entertained whilst I am away for a few days in Budapest as it mixes the gloom merchants with those who want to dance in the dark.

Alternative stream at hearthis.

Full Track Listing:

Molchat Doma – Zvezdy

Quite a lot post-punk is aimed at the dancefloors these days and Zvezdy is no exception. See ya down there!

Spheres – Leere Orte

The very good songs here range from the dance floor orientated coldwave tracks such as Your Kiss whilst others such as Leere Orte and Raslom feature influences from Joy Division and early New Order.

Korine – Uncrossed

The most excellent current single.

Body of Light – Time To Kill (Cooper Saver Remix)

A very good remix of the title track of the band’s current album.

One Day Firm – Dance (Фирма-однодневка – В танце)

It’s the italo-house/Blue Monday inspired В танце (Dance) that stands out, with the band being the most accessible they have been.

Twins – Silent & Alone

A track lifted from the current and excellently named current album, New Cold Dream. A bit 586?

Abu Nein – I Will Rise

The first track to be taken from a forthcoming five-track EP due for release on Swedish label Rundgång Rekords.

Dark Gray Houses – Echos

The song is just as good as the band name as swirling synths and guitars conjoin. The electronics just out muscle the strings whilst the strong vocal performance brings it all together.

Figure Section – Spectre

Their synth-based music fuses stripped back dark beats and goth-tinged vocals with a modern electronic sound.

Soreness – Nothing

The debut release from Portuguese band Soreness features two tracks that err on the darker side of post-punk. Both songs sound bleak and, given the miserabilism contained in the words, that comes as no surprise.

Fossil Arms – Petals

Sounding like a remixed version of early Cure songs Petals is one of the best post-punk tracks I have listened to in the past week and boy have I listened to a lot!

Behind Thin Walls – Bottles

Bottles could be the catchiest one yet as the band, who sing in English, chant the song’s original title Filling Bottles With Petrol over crunching guitars. Who said punk could not be this melodic?

Ploho feat Molchat Doma – Along The Edge Of The Island (По краю острова)

….this is a pretty effective track and does everything you would want to take in from a post-punk track. Including a quick jump around.

Grotta – Burden (Бремя)

Interesting sounds from this Ukrainian darkwave project.

Cold Call – Cases (Холодный звонок – Дела)

The songs are energetic and lively despite being resplendent with words sung in a dour vocal style.

Dehet Sinn – Pytanie

Tracks like Show, Cień and the early New Order sounding Pytanie are my picks of a very impressive bunch.

Monotonous Cities – Grey

Mexican band Monotonous Cities manage to combine coldwave with the early Cure on Grey. It’s nicely done and is also a taster for a forthcoming album.

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